Nora Nido is a rock star agent! We felt really comfortable with her even after our first meeting with her. Nora is full of experience in the real estate business. We appreciated how kind, genuine, responsive, and patient she is in helping us find our dream home! We would highly recommend Nora for all your real estate needs. Thank you Nora for all that you do!
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I met Nora at an open house. The home was not for us, but she engaged me in conversation about what I would really like and a preferred location. Nora explained that with prices high, what I wanted might be available at a more reasonable price, year end, when less people are looking. The downside would be having to sell our home in winter instead of spring. I gave her my contact information before leaving. For months, Nora stayed in contact sending listings in that specific new area that would eventually sell, asking if I preferred one model to the other. Close to year end, a beautiful home came on the market in the location we wanted and Nora showed it to us. Nora offered some buying strategies to help us get to our preferred price, and after some tough negotiations, we were able to buy the beautiful home we wanted at the price we needed to be at. Nora also sold our older home within a reasonable time to enable us to move on with our lives in our new dream home.
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Nora is the best realtor and great person, she is very professional, very knowledgeable and dedicated person and is wonderful to work with. Her experience speaks for itself, her knowledge of all things local and in general was very impressive. She really cares about her customers. If you have any questions she is ready to help you with all of them, doesn't matter what time of day, she always calls you back or sends you a message or an email. She is very organized and prepared. She tries to do whatever is best for you and makes things easier, she gives great advises and really does the job. We were very happy to have her as our realtor and we highly recommend her.
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Nora has been working with us for over 4 years to find exactly the right house after moving form the Bay area. We were picky and she was extremely patient! We've worked with other agents over the years on other transactions, but no one nearly as determined, responsive and proactive. Our transaction was handled effortlessly with utmost professionalism. We'd give her 2 thumbs up and would use her again!
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Koenig Jaye

Wonderfully amazing woman. She kept us sane during our house hunt. She was/is always positive and very determined. Four years later, we still get cards form her every so often with her just checking in!


Nora was able to find me an amazing property that fulfilled all my requirements, while staying within my budget. Her knowledge of the market in my preferred neighborhood was such an asset. As I was going through the process as an out of state buyer, Nora went above and beyond to ensure everything was handled in my absence.
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Working with Nora was a Godsend, truly! We were purchasing a home while my husband was on deployment, I was out of state, and we needed someone who could get a feel for what we needed as a family, what we liked in terms of aesthetics, what our budget would allow, and also who could physically do some legwork to weed through the options: Nora did all of this and more! She found us the most perfect house, helped me navigate all the paperwork/banks/etc while out of state, she has checked on us ever since we moved in over a year ago, and is someone we love and adore on a personal level now! I would refer anyone to Nora, she took all our needs to heart and gave us the home of our dreams. We love her!
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Five stars for Local Knowledge, Process Expertise, Responsiveness, and Negotiation skills! In addition to those characteristics, she was a very careful listener, had an excellent taste to choose properties to show, always punctual. Very helpful - even after closing. I recommend her without any reservation.
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Nora Nido goes above and beyond with her clients. She takes the time to know you and your needs (in addition to what you can afford), so that she can find you properties that, not only are within your price range, but places you can call home. This was not my first time buying a property, but the first time I purchased one on my own. We had a complicated situation with the sellers and my own mortgage, but she guided me through the process and even gave me pep talks when I was ready to give up. She was a masterful mediator, kept us on track, and worked with both parties so that we were all happy and felt treated fairly. I'm in love with my home. I firmly believe no one else wold have done what she did to make it happen. I am truly grateful for her, and would highly recommend her to anyone. She's the best!
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Nora did a great job and helped me wade thru numerous offers, eventually selecting one that was well over the asking price - all within a week or so of listing.


Nora is top notch! She made sure that she was there for every inspection and explained in great detail what was going to happen and looked over every report. She did a great job negotiating with the seller and guiding me on what to look for. I would recommend Nora to anyone that is looking to purchase or sell a home. She will always have your back.
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